Monday, December 26, 2011

Global Quality Management without Boundaries

This is my Invited Guest Editorial from The TQM Magazine published in 2003. The title is "Global Quality Management without Boundaries". 

For the guest editorial, click here: TQM Magazine Guest Editorial

Life is a Journey: Enjoy the Ride and Make a Difference

I want to share the Commencement address I gave at the Keller Graduate School of Management's Milwaukee Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 6, 2003. The address is titled "Life is a Journey: Enjoy the Ride and Make a Difference". It was published as a Guest Editorial in Quality Engineering magazine in 2004.

Here are key observations from my life's journey:

1. Be positive and self-confident
2. Be ready to help others
3. Continue to improve and renew yourself
4. Ethical leadership
5. Learn, apply, and share your knowledge
6. Maintain the balance between work and family
7. Make a difference
8. Power of expectations

For more details, see the guest editorial at: Commencement Speech