Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 4 Ps of Project Productivity

I want to share my personal observations regarding project productivity from managing various professional and personal projects.

Project Productivity is a multiplier of the following four factors:
  1. Planning - Ten percent excellent planning including all project team members is critical to start the project on a sound footing.
  2. Promotion - Continually share the value of your project with your team, department, and organization. 
  3. Personal Touch - Roll up your sleeves and add value by executing your items flawlessly for the project.
  4. Perseverance - Once the project goals are set, persist until the project is successfully completed.
If any one of the factors is trending downward, the overall project productivity will go down, as these factors work in parallel.

In summary, Project Productivity = Planning x Promotion x Personal Touch x Perseverance

I welcome your observations and thoughts for project productivity.


  1. Forgive me for my first hand reply to called for observations and thoughts on PROJECT PRODUCTIVITY
    Well it relates in real sense to production i.e. action So productivity is correctly defined as result and completion of action and to observe this will not mean involved in action but merely supporting it. We get the production with means for desired result and end product is success or satisfaction. I appreciate your connecting it with 4 P’s and as I being fortunate as P for Pramod. sharing my observations and thoughts. We start swimming either by jumping into the river or swimming pool but without knowing for its productivity, so to say action starts and we learn and produces action and i.e. swimming.
    We can further discuss this and that will result in action and production of real values. BEST WISHES

  2. I agree Pramod. The essence of a successful project is to achieve results by meeting targets for performance, schedule, and cost. Thanks for sharing your idea.