Monday, April 22, 2013

Quality Awards and Personal Experience

Let me share two Quality Awards (State and International) and my personal experience serving with them.

1). Illinois State Team Excellence Award (Chief Judge - 1993-1999):

In 1992, this award was established in the State of Illinois in the US to spur economic development among  Illinois organizations and recognize them for their outstanding achievements through teams. Major players included the Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, ASQ Chicago Section, and Motorola Corporation. The award focused on team participation in manufacturing and service industries. It was based on the State of Ohio Team Excellence program and enhanced using Motorola's Total Customer Satisfaction focus.

For seven years nearly 25-30 organizations competed in 5-6 State-wide regional competition leading to final judging at the state level. Each team (5-7 members) wrote a simple summary and then made a 30 minutes presentation to the panel of judges. Winners at the state level were honored by the Governor with Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy for their team excellence accomplishments.

It was my honor to serve as the Chief Judge during the life of the program. We also recruited well qualified judges from ASQ Sections in the Chicago area. Motorola provided Judges' training material and an instructor.

This program created a lot of buzz in the business community. However, during late 1990's, organizations were too busy with increased production demands. Therefore, this award was phased out after the 1999 ceremony.

2). Asia Pacific Global Performance Excellence Award (Board of Examiner - 2004-Present):

In the late 1990's, the Asia Pacific Quality Award was established to recognize best-of-the-best organizations which have already won their national quality award among 44 countries surrounding the Asia Pacific rim. In 2011, the award name was changed to Global Performance Excellence Award in line with the name change for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award to Baldrige Performance Excellence Award. The Global Performance Excellence Award uses the Baldrige Performance Excellence criteria for  judging applications.

I am serving on the Board of Examiners from 2004 to present time. Every year, I judge 5-6 national winner entries and provide scores with valuable feedback to the participating organizations. Winners in various categories get global recognition at the annual Asia Pacific Quality Conference. For more information about the 2013 conference, visit:,Indonesia_r3.pdf.

From my personal experience serving on a State and International Award program, I have seen number of best practices implemented globally leading to better economic development and prosperity for people in various parts of the world.

I would welcome your thoughts on other national and international quality awards. 

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